Office of Student Life

Campus Map and Parking

  • Campus Map 

  • Directions and Parking 

    • The Ohio Union is located at 1739 N. High Street at the corner of 12th Avenue and High Street.  
    • Recreational Sports has several facilities throughout campus. The Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) is located at 337 Annie and John Glenn Ave. at the end of Annie and John Gleen Ave. and Tuttle Park Pl. 

    • Our North District Event Spaces are located in and around Curl Market. Curl Market is located at 80 W. Woodruff Ave. at the intersection of W. Woodruff Ave. and College Rd. N.  

  • Information about parking rates can be found through CampusParc.

  • A list of lodging close to campus is available through the University Hospitality District.